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ACCC Aircraft Cleaning


Aircraft Cleaning

Manufacturing and Distribution of carpet cleaning systems for aircrafts.


AIR CRAFT CARPET CLEANING is dedicated to Manufacturing and Distribution of carpet cleaning systems for aircrafts. We specialize in low moisture carpet cleaning products that contain a special polymer that encapsulates soil. Its unique formula is scientifically engineered for use in aircrafts carpet cleaning needs. Its allergen reducing capabilities is safe to use in all types of aircraft carpets. Our formulas reduce resoiling, pattern wear and lifts away dirt and debris without harming the loops of your carpet. Our products are designed to meet and exceed all standards delivering the best end results.

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  • An engaging app idea.
  • Dealing with Different OS’s.
  • Compete with highly established competitors that already rank on top positions.
  • In building the fastest solution with user-friendly characteristics and some innovative features.
  • Content management strategies for the applications is developing quickly.
  • As a mobile app developer, it ought to be a great idea to build up an application with a decent and clean architecture.
  • Without appropriate testing and checking you won’t know the precise issues that need to be removed from your application.
  • Accomplish the app development in 3 months.
  • Security.


  • Sign up with basic details. Users can log in using a mobile number or Google/Facebook.
  • Clients can choose from 2 different plans according to their needs.
  • Washers can upload aircraft carpet photos before and after completion of the carpet wash process.
  • If Client changes or cancels the order service provider will be notified.
  • Service Providers can see the details like booking date, booking time, plan.
  • Users can pay from various payment methods.

Final Outcome

  • iTriangle Technolabs had successfully completed the project and fulfilled all expectations of the client for this ACCC application.
  • As iTriangle Technolabs promised, we have delivered an Application which acts like a boon.
  • Our hardworking team and experts have put all their efforts to take this app to the next level.
  • The app received great positive reviews from the customers and online orders.
  • Businesses got high recognition and its standing above competitors.

Technologies We Use


  • Android OS support:

    Android 4.1 and up

  • Development:

    Java using Android Studio 3.3.2

  • Front End Technology:


  • Back End Technology:


  • Development Environment:

    Android Studio

  • Compatible device:

    Moblie Tab,  Mobile


  • iOS OS support:

    iOS 13.0 or later

  • Development:

    Objective-C using Xcode

  • Technology:

    Swift (iOS)

  • Compatible device:

    iPhone ( > iOS 12)

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