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Duncan App


Duncan App

Duncan app was that users are able to read stories in episodes and script-based.


The purpose of developing this Duncan app was that users are able to read stories in episodes and script-based. To make it even cooler, we've added melodies and wonderful pictures to help you raise your reading experience.

You can read it for 5 episodes for free, after that you will have to subscribe to the app.

This app acts like a storybook that could provide fun and entertainment as well as a tremendous way to use technology.

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  • Developing an iOS app on a story book.
  • Subscription model for reading more stories.
  • Expertise developer required for integrating animations in story.
  • An engaging app idea.
  • Minimizing the user data consumption.
  • Keeping Users Intact with Appropriate UI/UX Design for a reading experience.
  • Respond to the user's touch while exploring new pages.


  • Free Story Books up to 5 episodes.
  • story scripted images like comic strips or illustrations.
  • Audio narration.
  • Bookmark the last read line.
  • Share books, lines, quotes, story images, etc.
  • Payment models to read more story.
  • Buy hoodies from Duncan Merchandise.

Final Outcome

  • iTriangle Technolabs had successfully completed the project and fulfilled all expectations of the client for this Duncan App.
  • After understanding the client's requirements, our iOS app developers successfully developed the Duncan app, which helps users to read story episodes and scripts.
  • Our hardworking team and experts have put all their efforts to take this app to the next level.
  • The application got a massive response from the ebook readers.

Technologies We Use


  • Android OS support:

    Android 4.1 and up

  • Development:

    Java using Android Studio 3.3.2

  • Front End Technology:


  • Back End Technology:


  • Development Environment:

    Android Studio

  • Compatible device:

    Moblie Tab,  Mobile


  • iOS OS support:

    Requires iOS 12.4 or later

  • Compatible device:

    iPhone,  iPad and iPod touch

  • Development:

    Objective-C using Xcode

  • Technology:

    Swift (iOS)

Admin Panel

  • Languages:

    HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, AJAX

  • Server Technologies:

    PHP ( Codeigniter )

  • Database Environment:


  • Host server:


  • Compatible With:

    Bootstrap 3.x

  • CMS Version:


  • Layout:


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