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Pulse 24/7 Manager

Managing your mobile and online bookings, appointments and employee scheduling, on-demand payments, social media auto posting to Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest & Youtube, invoice management, marketing and customer relationship management just got simple with this innovative and simple platform.

PULSE 24/7 puts the major aspects of your business in the palm of your hand. From freelancers to small to mid size businesses, you can use this product everyday to run your business effectively and increase your revenue by 300%.

This app will allow you to manage appointments on behalf of your customers.

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Uplift - Travel Without Jetlag

The Uplift app guides you thru a custom solution based on your itinerary that takes about 5 minutes when you land in a new time zone.

1) Enter your itinerary and Uplift will calculate your custom solution, one of hundreds of possible.

2) Follow the video and pictogram instructions to find the 2 acupressure points.

3) Apply medium pressure to both points at the same time on the Left Side of your body and repeat on the right side.

This is Biorhythmic Acupressure and this formula resyncs your body clock to your new time zone.

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NeedAnything? Pro

“You went to the store and didn’t tell me? I need _______!”

At one point or another, we’ve all been on the receiving end of this remark from a friend, family member, or co-worker. To solve this, the NeedAnything? team has built an app that remembers to check if your friends or family need anything from the store -- so you don’t have to!

Setup is easy; once you’ve registered for NeedAnything?, add a store and select the contacts you’d like to message when you’re there. Next time you’re in the store, NeedAnything? will automatically message your selected contacts to see if they need anything. It’s that simple!

Here at NeedAnything? we take privacy seriously, which is why we use industry-trusted data encryption to ensure no third-party interference.

Best of all, IT’S FREE!

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Cheryl's Skin Scan 2.0

Cheryl's Cosmeceuticals introduces Cheryl's Skin Scan, an awesome app to know your the right cosmeceutical treatments and products for your skin type, skin condition and skin concern.

Answer a few questions on your skin and get to know the treatments and home care products that are right for you. What's more browse through our entire range of cosmeceutical treatments and home care products. Benefit from professional expertise by selecting your skin type to get a recommended solution to suit you. Get your daily dose of skin care tips with the latest from Cheryl's.

The app also allows you to get your skin scan on email and schedule your next salon appointment in a few easy steps.

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