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ACCC Aircraft Cleaning

AIR CRAFT CARPET CLEANING is dedicated to Manufacturing and Distribution of carpet cleaning systems for aircrafts. We specialize in low moisture carpet cleaning product that contains a special polymer that encapsulates soil. Its unique formula is scientifically engineered for use in aircrafts carpet cleaning needs. Its allergen reducing capabilities is safe to use in all types of aircraft carpets. Our formulas reduce resoiling, pattern wear and lifts away dirt and debris without harming the loops of your carpet. Our products are design to meet and exceed all standards delivering the best end results..

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Fhudi is a unique meal plan that combines the variety and affordability of a meal plan kit, with the convenience of a restaurant food delivery service. Fhudi has partnered with local restaurants in order to provide delicious meals for a low weekly subscription rate. Whether you are looking to try out new restaurants or you're looking to eat healthier with Vegan and Vegetarian options, we have a plan for that.

  Fhudi Fresh

  Fhudi Select

  Fhudi Share

  Fhudi Essentials

  Fhudi Elite

  Fhudi Cater

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Come and experience the fun of playing casual games and learning content at the same time!

Grind your way through playing games, such as Snakes, Tetris and PacMan to accumulate points. When you have enough points, you will be able to use the points to unlock content under Learn Investment, Learn Business and Learn Leadership.

Ever thought of the basics to stock investment, or bonds basics? As a HR professional, have you ever thought of radical HR principles that can change your workplace culture? Have you considered starting a small business but unaware of the legal challenges that awaits you?

If your answer to the above are all yes, then Slap! is the right place to turn to!

As you grind through the games and unlock the content, a whole new experience awaits you! You'll feel much more focused on the content because it is something that you have earned with your blood, sweat and tears!

There are a wide variety of content to choose from and we are sure that you will benefit alot from learning the content.

Stay relaxed while playing, stay focused while learning. This is Slap! Learning Content for you.

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Tourist App democratizes the Travel and Tour Guide industry by providing a marketplace for Tourists and Tour Guides to connect on demand and in real time using their geolocation and instantaneous mobile payments. A tourist or local requests a tour then a tour guide responds to it and a virtual handshake is established. After, they agree to meet and venture onto a tour to sightsee places, explore the city and discover its history with culture.

This app uses notifications and voice-enabled chat for the tourist and tour guide to come together. Both parties are vetted using payment authentication and the ratings of tour guides. There is no need for any advanced trip bookings, plan vacation or holiday itinerary, use a travel agency, purchase packages, fitting into group tours or travel insurance for your visit, just wish for a tour at any time while in any major city and you shall have it.

Happy Touring!

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Welcome to CLIQ, an online dating app, where you will meet new people and enjoy dating the ones you like. CLIQ allows you to totally personalize your dating experience!

Sign-up is simple and brisk, and your support is helpful and intuitive. User can create their account with phone number and connect with their criteria desire profile.

User can provide their information in ‘About Me’ section. And they can add his/her criteria so, user can get match user depending on criteria

User can make filter with specific quality. Here we have two plan 1. Basic (Free plan) 2. Premium (Monthly subscription cost)In, Basic (Free plan) user can make filter limited category and in Premium (Monthly subscription cost) plan user can make filter with user’s all details

After match user can send request to another user and send messages to each other. After 5 message exchanged user can see “Want To Meet” option.

User can select up to 5 individual numbers (users) that they do not want to have common matches with. User can see who viewed their profile.

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eChoice App

As online shopping has become everyone’s need, we have come up with an online shop which fulfills all the requirements from buying anything for your household to recommending them to friends and relatives.

We provide a wide range of products in almost all categories of people’s needs like clothes, beauty, and accessories.

We want to make your shopping the best experience so we have added plenty of good features. You can add your favorite products to your wish list and to your cart as well while shopping so you can find out easily when checking out. It is also useful for future buying. With our easy to share functionality, you can share your favorite products to any Social Media like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.

We provide easy and effective payment methods together with wallet and Cash on delivery which enhance the ease of shopping.

eChoice gives you dynamic login functionality where you can log in with Google, Facebook, Other Social Media Accounts, and of course with a mobile number. We provide 24/7 chat support to our customers.

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GarmaGo app is game app. student will learn Germago app playing. Two type of learning : 1) Artikel and 2) plural Lernen.

There are four level for Artikel : 1) Artikel Finden 2) Bild Finden 3) Bild + wort verbinden 4) Wort Schreiben.

There are Three level for Plural : 1) Bild Finden 2) Plural Form Finden 3) Wort Schreiben.

Also one test game is mix word artikel and plural with time or without time which through student check his/her leraning word.

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Karma Calculator

Reflect on your actions and behaviours of the previous week at the end of the week or month or quarter.

Answer a multiple-choice questionnaire to calculate your Karma score for that week and track it over time. Change behaviours to improve yourself, increase your karma score and your future luck.

Reflection is one of the most underused yet powerful tools for success. Great people develop through a never-ending process of self-reflection

By each crime and every kindness, we birth our future. Success is the sum of small efforts repeated daily.

Nothing comes from nothing, nothing ever could, so somewhere in my youth or childhood, I must have done something good.

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Blabble Game

Hello, all as you know in our boring life we need some entertainment so for you we made this game. this game is not for only children but any age person can play because it's an easy playing UI and an interactive look.

Hello, all as you know in our boring life we need some entertainment so for you we made this game. this game is not for only children but any age person can play because it's an easy playing UI and an interactive look.

In This application, You get 3 rounds to create words and score points. Each The round is 3 minutes. Once you start the game, you will be given 10 letter tiles. You will use these letters for the entire round. Place letters on the board to make as many words as you can! Hit “Submit” for each word you make. After hitting “Submit” you will see the points added to your score AND the letters returned to you to use over and over again for the rest of the round.

For extra points in the game, There is two special colored boxes are added as Green squares give you a double-word score. Red squares give you a triple-word score.

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