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Our best-in-class mobile app and website development solutions come at the most unbeatable
prices to help you get the best ROIs on your projects:

Offshoring Fixed Cost (FC) Pricing

With clearly defined specifications on the kind of service and features you need for your project, our fixed cost price model is ideal in cases where there is:

  • Low risk
  • Clear and transparent budget
  • Low client supervision and intervention
  • Project pre-planning and scheduling included
  • Assurance on deliverables
  • Mutually agreed upon project cost

Time and Material (T&M) Pricing

If specifications around your project are not clear from the get-go, and you expect to make changes along the way, then this model is ideal. It also helps you get more involved on a day-to-day basis:

  • Plenty of flexibility to make changes on the go
  • Task prioritization
  • Integrates Agile development methodology
  • Clients can intervene and have more control

Mixed Mode Pricing

Even if your specifications are not final, but you need to have the project completed within an allotted time, then this pricing model is the one to go for. In fact, it offers a mix of the above two models:

  • Control over project timeline
  • Enjoy more cost-savings through unplanned schedules
  • Work completed according to a stringent time frame
  • Offers advantages of both FC and T&M pricing models

On-site Offshore Pricing

Enjoy qualified and skilled personnel for your mobile app and web development projects – helping you minimize the impact on in-house employees. Transportation and accommodation cost for hired personnel to be paid by the client:

  • Complete control over hired workforce
  • Full HR support
  • Cut down cost of hiring additional full-time staff
  • Meet stiff deadlines easily
  • Acquire the necessary skills to complete specialized projects

Need specialized skills? Look no further

Want to earn the highest ROIs from your app ideas? Invest in mobile and web development professionals with specialized skills to meet your bottom line, ROI and more:

Full-time specialized skills

  • Mobile app and web developers for a full day
  • Specialized skills at your disposal for 8 hours a day
  • Get daily progress reports

Part-time specialized skills

  • Hire expert app and web developers for 4 hours a day
  • Get timely and regular updates on the project

Hourly specialized skills

  • Hire expert developers for specific hours of the day
  • Pay only for the time the developer was utilized
  • Stay in the development loop at all times

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