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Business Card App keep all of your business cards in your pocket via an app.

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Food Delivery App


iOS, Android, Web



Are you tired of keeping a store of your scattered business cards? This business card app lets you keep all of your business cards in your pocket via an app! Scan your business cards and store with our business card application. Get all your business or visiting cards at your fingertips. keep details of your important cards in one place securely. You can see the business cards list divided into categories. In this app users can see nearby stored cards.


  • An engaging app idea.
  • Minimizing the user data consumption.
  • Dealing with Different OS’s.
  • Compete with highly established competitors that already rank on top positions.
  • Getting Control of Storage and Memory Limitations of iOS Devices.
  • Keeping Users Intact with Appropriate UI/UX Design.
  • Without appropriate testing and checking you won’t know the precise issues that need to be removed from your application.
  • Accomplish the app development in 5 months.
  • Ensuring Application Security.

App Features

Quick & Easy to use.

Card Scanner.

Store your business or visiting cards.

Featured your card top of the list.


Payment models for featured you card.

Subscription based plan to store your cards.

Share and Collaborate.

Create your business profile page with name, address, etc.

User can see nearby cards design.


Final Outcome

  • iTriangle Technolabs had successfully completed the project and fulfilled all expectations of the client for this Business Card App.
  • After understanding the client's requirements, our mobile app developers successfully developed the Business Card app, which helps users to store business or visiting cards digitally.
  • Our hardworking team and experts have put all their efforts to take this app to the next level.

Technologies We Use


  • iOS OS support: iOS 13.0 or later
  • Development: Objective-C using Xcode
  • Technology: Swift (iOS)
  • Compatible device: iPhone ( > iOS 12)

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