Without the right number of downloads, loyal users and outstanding reviews, your mobile app is not going to take off the way you want it to. Therefore, once your app has been successfully launched, a thorough and well-articulated marketing and promotional strategy is absolutely critical.

Our mobile app marketers know a thing or two when it comes to getting users hooked and keeping them engaged – so that they go from an ‘interested’ user to a ‘permanent’ user.

With a well-defined marketing strategy at each respective stage, you can effectively position yourself for both short term and long-term success.

At the mobile app pre-launch phase, for instance, our mobile app marketers will get to work preparing a strategy, competition analysis, keyword research, a Google-friendly app description and much more to create a solid base for our app launch.

At the app launching phase, we will come up with strategies to ‘broadcast’ your mobile app in the online store – this may include anything from a campaign strategy, apps store optimization, press release and distribution to mobile ad management, bringing influencers into the picture, launching a mobile ad campaign and much more.

Post-launch, we will continue to come up with strategies to reach even more users and reviewers. We accomplish this through SEO and content marketing campaigns, further optimizing you’re appdescription, continuing our PR outreach campaigns, a nuanced social media marketing strategy and more.

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