What are Backlinks and Why Backlinks are important for SEO?


If you are associated with SEO then you must have heard about your Backlinks. Backlink is the most used word in search engine optimization or digital marketing world.

What are Backlinks?

As its name suggests, it is a link that connects one WebPage to another WebPage. If you want to know it more accurately, then I give you a live example like I put the title of some of my old posts here – Most Important On Page SEO Ranking Factors

And I have added a link to this title so that you can access that post by clicking on that title and reading it. Now if you click on the title given above, you will reach that page and you can read that information in detail. This is what we call backlinks or backlinks. Now the links that are there, they can be from one website and if they are from other websites too. Now as I have given the link of my own website in the title given above, so you will go to website. If I can put a link to any other website on Twitter from which you will reach that website.

For example – Google’s 200 Ranking Factors: The Complete List (2020)

Now in this title, I have put a link to Backlinko Website, so after clicking on it, you will go to Backlinko and read about it there.

If you see, the internet is a web of backlinks in a way through which we go from one page to another. Even if you are using the internet, you must have noticed that in the net you reach a second page by clicking on a link, in the second page you get more links, then from there you go to the third page and in this way the internet, But there are backlinks around the world that link one webpage to another webpage, hence they are also named backlinks. Backlinks are also called Inbound Links or Incoming Links.

Types of Backlinks

No-Follow Backlinks

Whenever a website links to another website, but if that link has a Nofollow tag then the link does not pass the juice. Regarding Page Ranking, Nofollow Link is not Useful because they do not Contribute anything. Any Nofollow Link tag is used when someone links out from the Unreliable Site.

Do-Follow Backlinks

To rank any page or article on the top in Search Engine, Do-Follow Backlings have a huge contribution. To follow from one blog to another, Do Follow Link passes Juice. Whatever external link we link inside our blog post, they do do follow-backlinks for all other blogs. If you want to create good Do Follow backlinks for your blog or website, the best way for this is to guest post on a popular website or comment on a well known website and put a link to your article in that comment.

Internal Link

Those who link from one page to another page within the same domain are called internal links. If we want to increase our Domain Authority, then for that we should put the link of one of our articles to another related article, by doing this our ranking will be good on Google and DA ranking will also increase.

External Link

When we put a link to an external website on an article of our website, then that link is called External Link. When the link of our website will be on the website, then Google gives priority to our website, and brings Google to the top of the Search Engine.

Link Juice

The blogs built on the same topic are connected with each other, then the value of that link is more which we call Link Juice. Suppose you create a blog which is about Android development and we also have a blog on the same topic on which we add your website through the link, then our blog provides Juice to your blog. This is also a kind of backlinks.

Anchor Text

The text used for hyperlinks is called “Anchor Text”. Anchor Text backlink is very good when you are trying to rank a keyword.

Why Backlinks are important for SEO?

See, when you want to know about any topic, first you search on Google and you get to see many links related to the keyword you searched, then you first open that website. Which came at number 1. If you get information there, then it is not right, then go to another website, otherwise there is information on many websites about the third and the same topic.

But do you know how Google decides which website to show at number 1 and which website is ranked 2nd and which website 3rd and 4th in the same series, 4th, 5th, 5th, etc… .. So Let me tell you.

By the way, there are many rules of Google, following which you can bring your website above all, but there are some important things on the basis of which Google ranks the website.

  • How many backlinks does the website have?
  • How many quality backlinks does the website have?
  • How long is the post on the website?
  • How old is the website?
  • How many times have those words been used on the website about which visitors have searched?
  • Are there frequent articles published on the website or not?
  • Which topic does the website publish related articles?

So I hope that you have got the right information about backlinks, yet any other question related to backlinks remains in your mind, then you can write it in the comment box below or contact us. We will answer you as soon as possible.

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