What is Bootstrap? Advantages of Bootstrap Framework


What is bootstrap?

The bootstrap is an Open Source Front-End framework, used for Web Application development, made up of HTML, CSS and Java Scrip, which twitter has developed. This is a free program that anyone can download and use. And you can run it on any platform (Windows, Linux, Mac). Bootstrap gives you the option of using the Grid System which is known as one of the fastest and simplest ways to create a layout that saves you time.

Bootstrap is used to make the website responsive, Responsive means that if you open a website in PC, open it in laptop or open in tablet or open in any small mobile, the screen size of bootstrap website will automatically adjusts, and the website content shows well. Because of this, the long process that used to be heard for the responsiveness of the website becomes easy, which saves your time. So nowadays bootstrap is used a lot. Nowadays you will find a lot of web templates on the internet of which 98% are responsive. They are made from bootstrap itself. And Google also ranks the same website that is responsive. To create your website with Bootstrap, first of all we have to download the Bootstrap file, click this link to download the Bootstrap file: – www.getbootstrap.com

Advantages of Bootstrap framework

The first thing is that now days people use mobiles, laptops, tabs, personal computers. If we have to reach our website to all people, we should spread our business more and more. The website should be such that everyone can read and view the content of your website well. So now we will not make different designs for different devices because may be a new Mobile Screen Ratio may come tomorrow, or if a new laptop screen size is launched, then our website will not work well on it. So to avoid all this mess Bootstrap is there. In which you have to create a website just once, then whatever the screen viewer opens the website on any screen, the UI (User Interface) of the website will be shown well. And people create and sell templates from bootstrap which people use in WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc.

Saving time

This is the biggest advantage of Bootstrap that using it increases the development speed and gets the work done in a very short time. On the contrary, if you want to create a responsive design without bootstrap by yourself, then you have a lot of time in it. May take

Easy to use

If you have basic knowledge of HTML and CSS, then you can easily use Bootstrap.

Responsive Design

Through bootstrap you can easily create responsive design. If your website is responsive then it adjusts itself according to the screen size in any platform or device like desktop, laptop, mobile etc.

Cross Browser Compatible

Bootstrap is designed in such a way that our web-page will look the same in almost all modern browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera etc.

Open Source

The best thing about it is that you can use it for free.


Bootstrap is easy to customize, customize means that if you do not want all the features of bootstrap, you can only use a few features. On Bootstrap’s website give you a lot of options (Nav bar, Table, Form, Button, Model, Dropdown, Badges, etc.) Let you tick what you want, remove the tick from what you don’t want and download and use it. Do it All the CSF classes are already created in Bootstrap, we just have to use those classes in our website and very easily and in a very short time. We create a beautiful website in this way, Bootstrap reduces the time taken in our website development.

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