What is Encryption and Decryption?

What is Encryption and Decryption

In the Internet world, the words Encryption and Decryption are very popular words. Internet is a network where nothing is secure, so encryption is used to protect data in the Internet. If you do not use encryption , anyone can hack your data and use it for wrong things.

What is Encryption?

If I say in simple language, encryption is a process used for security of private message or any information sent between two people. In which only you or to whom you are sending your information. No one else can read that because when you encrypt and send any sms or information, they get converted in machine language. Which makes it impossible to read the original information. But the person who sent it and who sent it have Public Key Encryption. With which they decrypt that message or information again, and read it. For this, the programmer uses an algorithm that swaps all your alphabets, numbers, symbols, and image’s pixels, and then no one will read it.


assume value in an algorithm

A = z
B = y
C = x
D = w
E = v
F = u
* = #
<= ^

Such an algorithm is written for all numbers and alphabets, so if I write bad and encrypt it, it will become bad = yzw. Now yzw # reading this where you are going to know that it is written bad. And this is a simple conversion while the encryption machine makes it even more complicated than this. Which makes it impossible to understand. You can understand more well from the image given below.


So hope that you have come to know about Encryption, so let’s now know about public key encryption.

What is Public Key Encryption?

Public key encryption is also a type of encryption. And nowadays only public key encryption is used in almost all social media emails, messages, chat, whatsapp, then friends, there are two types of keys in this encryption.

Private Key – Only you have.
Public Key – which all people have.

Now if we want to send a private message to a friend that only both of us can read. So for that we have to encrypt the sms, how do they understand, for example.


Suppose I have to send a message to my friend “hello” and I want that only my friend can read this sms. So I will lock that sms with his public key (which I have with everyone). And then send it to my friend and when that message reaches him so he will unlock it with his private key (which he only has) and will easily read the message.

A message locked with a public key can only be opened with a private key. And the message locked with the private key can only be opened with the public key.

Use of Encryption

Encryption is also used for email and message on social media. Along with this, many websites are like this when you signup they asking for your data. So friends, our data is not stored there because of encrypted process and it works not only in email message but also in multimedia.


Your android  phone has an application like google photo backup in which all your photos are backup. And then with your Email ID you can see those photos on any device anytime.

Do you think that Google can see all the photos that are in Google photo backup?
So friends, the answer is no.

Because these photos are also encrypted and only store. When your photos will be stored in the backup, then the pixels of your photos will change, due to which the photo color will change, the pixels will go down. And in this way it will be impossible for anyone other than you to understand what is in this photo.

What is Decryption?

Simply put, the process of converting any encrypted data back to its original form is called decryption.

So I hope you like the information and it must have been understood that everything works. If you still have any question, you can contact us. We will try to answer your question soon.

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