What is HTML?

Let us now know what HTML is? HTML stand for Hypertext Markup Language. HTML is the language of a computer that is used to create websites. And CSS is used to give it a color look. This language is very simple compared to other languages ​​of computer like C, C ++, JAVA , etc. Anyone can learn using it easily and in very less time.

After creating a website with the help of HTML, any person in the world can view that website through the Internet. HTML was discovered by Physicist Tim Berners-Lee in 1980 at Geneva. HTML is a platform-independent language that can be used in any platform such as Windows, Linux, Macintosh etc.


What is HTML used for?

Creating a webpage using HTML is very easy, for this you need two things – the first is a simple text editor such as Notepad in which html code is written and the second is a browser like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc. Your website gets recognized and which internet user can see. HTML is made up of a series of small codes that we write in notepad, these small codes are called tags. The HTML tags tell the browser how and where to show the elements written within that tag in the website.

HTML provides many such tags which gives an attractive look to your website using graphics, font size and colors. After writing the HTML code, your document has to be saved, to save it the name of html file It is necessary to write .htm or .html with it only then it will show your html document in your browser or else.

After saving, you have to open the browser to see your html document. That browser will read your html file and translate your correctly written code and will show it to your website correctly as you thought while writing the code. Your web browser does not see html tags in the website, but uses those tags to make your document appear correctly.

What is HTML tags like?

Let’s know about some of his basic tags. The HTML tag is completely different from other text, with the help of which html code is written. HTML tags are keywords that we place inside closed brackets such as <html>. With the help of tags, we can give a new look to our website, in that we can make webpages using images, tables, colors etc.

Different tags work in different ways. When you view your html page through browser, all these tags are not visible in it, only their effects are seen. There are thousands of tags in HTML which we use to create a website. Let me tell you about some of those special tags, which are very important to make a website. Before writing coding in HTML, a comment is written so that the author knows what the html page is designed for.

It is not compulsory to write a comment, it depends on you whether you want to write a comment for your html document or not. In HTML, comment <! ”….”> Is written inside it, you will not see this comment in web browser.

Comment After writing, the most important tag is the header tag from which we get information about html document. All the html tags except the comment tag, all have start tag and end tag. like <head> ………………… </head>

If you do not write an end tag after writing a start tag, then the effect of that tag will not be visible in your browser, so it is mandatory to write the end tag. The keyword of HTML tags is case-insensitive. This means that you can write the name of the tag in capital letters or small letters. It is entirely up to you how you would like your tag to be written. The amount of point I have given in the middle of the head tag means that you can write a text instead.

The title tag is written inside the header tag which shows the title of our html page like,

<title> Hello World </title>

When we see our html page in the browser, we will see this text at the top left of the browser in the title bar.

The body tag is written after the title tag. All the tags which can be used to make the webpage attractive under this tag can be used. like,

<body bgcolor = "yellow" text = "blue">
Hello! How are you?

Here bgcolor means background color where the background color of your webpage will look pale and the color of this text that I have written will look blue. Similarly, you can make your webpage beautiful by using many tags inside the <body> tag.

Your html document should always be in this form.

<title> —— </title>
<h1> —— </h1> - It is called heading tag.
<p> —– </p> - This is called paragraph tag where you can write paragraph.
<b> —– </b> - This is called bold tag which will bold the text you have written.

Hope you have learned something from this article about HTML. If you still have any question, feel free to comment below, We will be very happy to help you.

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