What is PHP?

Today we will learn about this topic, what is PHP? How does it work and how to learn it? So let’s know about PHP.  If you run internet then you will be well acquainted with the word PHP and if not then we will tell you.


What is PHP?

PHP stads for Hypertext Preprocessor (earlier called, Personal Home Page) . It is a free scripting language which is used in web development. This language was created in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf. He created this language for the purpose of web development.

But seeing its specialty, later programmers also used it to create desktop applications. We can make a website page dynamic by using PHP. This language is also used by big websites like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Flipkart.

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PHP language is very easy language that anyone can learn easily. And its biggest advantage is that it can be easily integrated with any html language or with any popular database language. Another advantage of this is that this language can Encrypt and Decrypt your data. And like html and java script, your source code is not visible in any browser, which also makes it very secure language. Another advantage of its language is that you don’t have to pay much attention to its syntax. If you know C language and java script then it will be even easier for you to learn PHP language.

Features of PHP Language

By the way, there are many features but will talk about a few.

  • Trough this php, you can also create, open, read and write a file in a systematic way.
  • Through php, we can handle forms that we fill online such as extracting data from a file, saving data inside a file, sending data from email to someone.
  • Modify, Delete, Edit whatever elements are in the database through php.
  • You can restrict some pages through this language.
  • You can create Dynamic website, Web based software, Desktop applications, WordPress Plugin.

You can do all this and I have only told the main feature, apart from this you can do many things with PHP.

Let us now know what are static websites and dynamic websites, which you can create from php.

What is a Static Website?

You must have understood by the name itself that this is the page where all the pages remain fixed. Which a normal user cannot change. These static web pages are the same for every new and old user. Which you cannot change. Whenever you open a website, you have seen those content never changes. Those pages look the same to everyone. But there are some sites like Facebook.com whose contents of the page keep changing all the time and there are different webpages for different users.

Here are some examples of some static web pages. EX- About us page and Contact page whose content never changes. Hopefully, now you will have become easier to understand the static page. Now know dynamic webpage, with this you will understand php very well.

What is a Dynamic Website?

If you have understood the static web page then you will understand it very easily. Because Dynamic web page content always changes. Here every user means that the page you open will be something else for me. Like when I login in fb, my page will be quite different from your fb page.

Dynamic means variable or changable, which changes the page frequently. Likewise, take an example, the pages of shopping sites also keep changing for every user. Because you must be doing some search but I can OPEN the page to do some more page shopping. Both of these are very good examples of dynamic webpage. Do you want to make your website the design of your choice, then you will have to teach php, let’s talk about it now.

Minimum qualification for PHP learning

Before learning PHP, you must have basic computer knowledge. Apart from this, you have to be logical, that is, why is anything happening and how can it happen? There should be such visualization. Because you have to understand a computer through a language. So you have to be logical. You should learn a little html before learning this. Even if you do not know the rest of the language, you will be easily coding php.

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