AngularJS Framework Features and Benefits

AngularJS Framework Features

The number of frameworks available in the market but most companies rely on AngularJS development services which develop dynamic single page application.

Less Code and easy Readability:

Angular using a very minimal amount of code which is enough for DOM manipulation. Consistent coding makes sites easier to use and enables the use of templates or pre-defined code snippets. It also makes easy readability for new developers on an ongoing project which improves productivity.

Desktop Apps with Virtual Scrolling:

Using Angular, you can easily create desktop-installed applications across various operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. In Angular, Virtual Scrolling is used for load and unload items from DOM which completely based on visible parts of lists.

Easy Unit-Testing

The Module Separation attribute allows developers to implement automated testing and load required services are effectively performing. It follows the “one file-one module” principle. The components are independent of each other which makes unit testing much easier.

The MVC Architecture:

AngularJS uses MVC (Model View Controller) with less coding, lighter and faster apps. Angular does not ask developers to divide an application into different MVC components. According to Amazon, every 100-millisecond improvement in page loading speed led to a 1% increase in revenue.


Angular organizes code into buckets, whether it is components, directives, or services. Angular refers to these buckets as modules. Modules make app functionality easy, segregating it into features and reusable chunks. Modules have paves way for application feature loading in the background or on-demand. Build several modules that rely on each other and can be combined running an entire application.

Ease of Use:

AngularJS allows developers to build websites using minimum codes which makes it easy for the parallel-working teams to manage the directives. Code writing mitigations help to save a lot of time and effort. Angular components are highly reusable across the app. You can build the UI (User Interface) with moving parts that ensuring a smooth development.

Ease of Maintenance:

Decoupled components are replaceable with better implementations, efficient code, maintenance, and updates.

Amplified Community Support:

AngularJS is supported by a large AngularJS community on Google+ that consists of expert and professional AngularJS developers, they have the ability to create enhancements and updates with the open-source framework.

Two-way Data Binding:

The two-way data binding having an impact on the application whenever any change in the UI(user interface) and vice versa. While binding data to the HTML controls, not any special code is required. To bind data by adding very few snippets of code, which is done through Angular.

Client-side Functioning:

AngularJS is known for its function on the client-side, being compatible with both a mobile browser and desktop. Backend modifications not require. So, it can be safely used for developing the front end of the app.

What are the Benefits of AngularJS?

Full-stack (All-in)

Full-stack is the main advantage of Angular through that you can use all necessary functions development right after installation. In addition, there is large number of libraries for freely expand the functions. while developing UI and debugging tools more smoothly, additional libraries are required otherwise not.

Component Oriented Development

In Today’s era, web application creating during that most difficult part is the control of these complex intertwined UI components. In Angular, during development small program is created for each component, combining them finally application is created, development can proceed without worrying about the relationship of UI parts while development.

Packed with Modern Web Technologies

Angular is based on JavaScript, but in reality, it packed with the latest technologies from various web standards development and promoted by Google. JavaScript was previously known as ECMA Script. To manage change detection, you can use Zone.js. With all these, Angular like a modern Web technology trade show.

Angular Features in a Nutshell

  • Dependency Injection
  • Extended HTML Template
  • Routing with Angular / router
  • Ajax request by Angular / HTTP
  • Form creation with Angular/forms
  • Component CSS encapsulation
  • Defense against XSS (cross-site scripting)
  • Unit Test utility

Industries using AngularJS

Travel Applications:

Travel apps are expected to deliver an outstanding user experience to millions of users. AngularJS is used to improve web performance and raise user adhesion.

Video Streaming Applications:

AngularJS plays a major role in video streaming and uploading with good video content. For example, YouTube. Netflix is the other video streaming website built with AngularJS to deliver high-quality content.

Content Websites:

There are tons of customers looking for high-quality content from different websites and content also be downloadable. AngularJS websites are fulfilling such requirements. Examples, New York Times, and

Review Websites:

In today’s market, millions of products sold through many websites, and before purchase, we always look out for reviews. For such purpose, review websites are required for the users. AngularJS is supporting most of the review websites and Good Films is one of the best examples.

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