What is AngularJS?

What is AngularJS?

AngularJS is a JavaScript-based open-source front-end framework created by Google for making dynamic and modern web apps. This framework develops Single Page Applications which gained tremendous traction throughout the years for eliminating unnecessary code and guaranteeing lighter & faster apps. In AngularJS development and the testing of applications perform through model–view–controller (MVC) and model–view–view model (MVVM) architectures. Angular supported in various platforms like mobile, web, and desktop natives.

The name Angular derives from the HTML tags which are enclosed by angle brackets. Angular is a widespread and extensively benefited customer side framework that ensuring for excellent performance results. Trough AngularJS develop front-end based applications without utilizing different plugins or frameworks.

Angular Supported by Google

One of the biggest advantages of Angular, it is supported by Google which further scales up the Angular ecosystem with Google’s Long-Term Support (LTS). As there is great support from the Angular CLI(Command Line Interface) and Angular App Google team, numerous ideas are being imported through it.

Why you use or need AngularJS?

Angular build interactive and dynamic Single Page Applications (SPAs) with realistic features like templating, two-way binding, modularization, restful API handling, dependency injection, and AJAX handling. Designers can use HTML as the template language and also extend HTML syntax to effectively pass on the components of the application.

For defining the UI(User Interface) of the application Angular uses HTML. In Angular, not require any additional getter and setter functions. Since, every object it uses is POJO (Plain Old JavaScript Object), which empowers object control by providing all the conventional JavaScript functionalities. You can eliminate or include properties from the objects, while also looping over these objects when required.

Angular framework constantly improves the performance and reduces the size of the files that make it as much as possible. Angular has a facility for the creation of Progressive Web App (PWA) and integrates itself perfectly with tools. It is also used in Native Script and Ionic to develop mobile applications for both Android and iOS. You don’t need to depend on third-party libraries to build dynamic applications with Angular.

AngularJs Architecture Modules:

The application built with Angular is modular which called NgModules or Angular modules. In each Angular app minimum, one Angular module class is available, which is called a root module. NgModule has important properties like imports, exports, providers, bootstrap, and declarations.

Components: Component is helpful in controlling a screen patch is known as a view. Components are easily created, updated, and destroyed while operating through the application.

Templates: Components are always with their companion called Template. The process of component rendering is known as a template which is in HTML form.

Metadata: Metadata used to inform Angular about the process of a class and in component, it takes the chief building blocks. Metadata, component, and templates together are used to define a view.

Data Binding: Data Binding is a process of organizing the template parts along with component parts. The process of connecting both sides orderly, you can add the binding markup to the HTML template.

Directives: The templates of Angular are always dynamic. Two types of directives in Angular, Attribute directives that are used to modifying the behavior or appearance of an existing element and other Structural directives that can simply modify the layouts through replacing, adding, or removing the elements in DOM.

Services: For an application, we need to have a few features, values, and functions, and any task performed for design all provision is made by Services. Services such as data service, tax calculator, logging service, application configuration, etc.

Dependency Injection: Dependency injection which can be used anywhere and important to get the supply for new instances of a class which would be a completely formed dependency based on the requirement, Services are the most important dependency. Dependency injection is used to afford fresh components along with the services as per the requirement.

Why you need AngularJs – Typescript?

What is Typescript?

Typescript language is developed by Microsoft that extends JavaScript. It is a superset of JavaScript which ensures higher security as it supports types (primitives, interfaces, etc.) without using Babel. Typescript allows code static analysis by type annotations and type interfaces. A typescript is an excellent tool that improves maintainability by eliminating errors before coding which makes typescript more explicit and more readable. This language ensures improved navigation, refactoring, and auto-completion services which chosen from its inbuilt features when needed.

Why do we need node.js for AngularJs?

Web pack is used to bundle Angular programs into one (or several) js files. node.js is required for the building work that provides you with the npm tool which allows you to download libraries and packages that you would use in Angular.

Difference between Multipage Application and Single Page Application

Multi-Page Applications are the conventional web applications that reload the full page and exhibit the new page when a person uses the web application. In traditional applications, the screen transitions are realized by redrawing the entire screen, the server returns HTML as the response which read by the browser. Every time a person switches to a different screen for that different HTML is read means one screen = one HTML.

Oppositely, in single page application obtain  HTML from the server like the conventional application at the time of initial display, but the subsequent screen transition receives data (mainly JSON is used) from the server as a response. The screen transition/update is performed by manipulating the DOM(Document Object Model ) using JavaScript. Since HTML is only getting in the initial display and subsequent screen transitions which are done with JavaScript means one application = one HTML.

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