SEO Trends For 2020 | Factors That Influence More in Google Rankings

Do you know what the 2020 SEO Trends are? What are the factors that have more impact in Google Ranking? If you do not know about all these things then there is no need to panic because today we are going to give you complete information about SEO Trends. If any website needs organic traffic, then Google Ranking is very important for them.

Many Entrepreneurs  and Bloggers spend a lot of money behind good ranking, but they probably forget that effective ranking is not a one-time job, it is a process that you have to do continuously. This is because Google changes its algorithm with SERP (Search Engine Result Page) every year and regularly updates it with new factors.

SEO Trends For 2020

According to a study, there are 10 factors that influence in Google ranking in 2020. They are as follows:

  1. Website Visits
  2. How much time you spend in your website
  3. How much page view is there in per session
  4. Featured snippets
  5. Your Content Length
  6. Website Security
  7. Keyword in the body
  8. Voice Search
  9. What should be the Keyword Density
  10. BERT

Factors That Influence More in Google Rankings

The Top 10 Factors that I have mentioned here, according to us, are going to have a great impact in the SERP of 2020 this year. But let’s take a look at the 5 main reasons that this year’s SEO trends are going to be more affected. I have listed them for your convenience. Hopefully you will like to use it in your website. Then without delay let us know that there are factors from such cones which have more effect in Google Ranking.

1. Website Popularity

Google will check your website well that how popular your website is because from the point of view of ranking factor, it is very important for your website to be popular only then your pages can be easily ranked. When it comes to how website is ranked in google serps, then it is seen that how many times your website is being visited in a month, behavior signals are also seen how much time they spend in your website. How is the bounce rate, pages per session also plays a major role in the ranking of your page. You can make your website popular if you pay more attention to your content. For more content, you will have to post continuously in many different topics, which are related to your business. My suggestion is that for this you should hire a good content writer to defeat such competition.

2. Speed ​​Is a Key Factor for Google

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) which has been introduced by Google which optimizes your content so  its loading time is reduced when you are using it in your mobile. With this feature, your content will open in lightning speed and it is adding a new chapter in the standard of mobile based content.

3. Security (HTTPS)

A new trend that is going on now is that you should make your website more reliable in Google’s view because it will help Google to rank higher. To do this you have to enable security certification which is HTTPS. By which Google will know that your website is more secure to do any work.

4. In-depth Content

Perhaps everyone knows that content has always been king in any post. Whatever new update comes, but it always keeps its position instead. If you want to come in the eyes of Google, then you have to write articles that are unique and which are increasing the value of your website. With the help of the new tracking system google also keeps an eye on how long visitors stay in the post from the cone. And if you increase the quality of the content, then visitors will spend more time in your article.

It has been found from research that websites which have more content, they remain in the top of the search ranking than other websites. For example, we should write a good and long article, in place of 4 short articles. Due to this our chances of ranking our article are very high because it contains many keywords.

Traditional SEO which follows the rule of keyword density does not work in today’s SEO trend.

But if your page has to be ranked, then you can include the keyword in the title, body and meta tags of your article.

5. Social Signals

It has been seen that many audiences come from social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. So we should be active in all these networks and share links as much as possible so that visitors can get to know about us. Consumers are constantly on the lookout for brand reviews, updates in Social Media. And Brand Popularity mainly comes from these things because social network has the highest traffic. That is why social trends have been given much importance.


If you want success, then you should understand all the things mentioned carefully and implement them in your blog or websites. We should focus in such changing scenarios that make an impact in Google ranking. So without any delay, there is a need to use all these things as soon as possible.

We sincerely hope that We have given you complete information about SEO Trends for 2020: Factors which have more impact in Google Rankings and We hope you guys have understood about SEO Trends.

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